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As you may be aware, the MD Department of the Environment (MDE) is in the process of preparing a new Water Appropriation Permit (WAP).  The WAP defines how and when water may be released from DCL.  The primary uses of the lake water are recreational use of the lake surface; whitewater rafting releases; Temperature Enhancement Releases (TER) and hydroelectric generation.  Presently, the TER releases take place from June through August to keep the downstream water temperature at, or below, 25˚C, ostensibly to benefit the health and welfare of the fish.  These TER releases are NOT subject to the Lower Rule Band (LRB) which, for all other uses of lake water, is the lower limit to which the lake may be drawn down. 

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is proposing to extend the TER interval 15 days earlier to May 15, and 15 days later to September 15.  Your POA’s position regarding releases from DCL is as follows:

  1. A “Predictive Model” be used by the Dam operator (Brookfield Renewable) to help manage the lake levels.  It is our understanding that Brookfield is in the process of doing this.
  2. We believe that all users of the waters of DCL should be subject to the LRB.
  3. We have not seen any quantitative or analytical evidence of a need to extend the TER release protocol into May and September.  The POA opposes any such extensions.

It is also worth noting that the TER extensions—especially into September—may adversely affect the whitewater community as they are subject to the LRB.

What can you do to support the POA’s position? 

  • Please attend the meeting scheduled for 3:00 PM on October 15th at the Garrett College auditorium to voice your support for the POA positions;
  • If you cannot attend the meeting please send an email with your support of the POA positions to Mr. John Grace of MDE at: john.grace@maryland.gov

Thanks in advance for your help and support with regard to this vital matter for DCL!

Best Regards,


Paul Weiler


Property Owners' Association of Deep Creek Lake, PO Box 618, McHenry MD 21541

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